Defensible Findings that Meet the Strictest Requirements

NMS Labs has been performing forensic testing for over 50 years. Our testing procedures are designed to meet the strictest of requirements for application to criminal and civil justice processes. NMS Labs’ forensic scientists have over 100 years of combined expertise in explaining and defending their forensic testing findings. When you need to know that your forensic testing is solid and defensible, turn to NMS Labs.

NMS Labs provides comprehensive, expert testing and analysis for the broadest range of biological and non-biological samples to support medical examiners, coroners, government and law enforcement agencies, and others in corporate and legal industries, with a breadth of testing that is unsurpassed:

Crime lab services on-site, on time, and on your terms

Backed by NMS Labs accreditation and expertise, our Integrated Forensic Services offer a locally deployed portfolio of forensic testing. We offer routine and expanded services and provide a partnership that helps guide you in the best sustainable solution for your needs.

ANAB Accreditation
ISO/IEC 17025
Calibration and Testing Laboratory

To learn more about our accreditations visit our Accreditations and Licensure page.

Quality Forensic Laboratory Services

Building a traditional forensics lab, method development and validation, and training take significant time and resources. NMS Labs can provide a laboratory solution that is designed to meet your needs. This is achieved by leveraging our existing network of laboratories under one quality system.

Criminal Investigations

NMS Labs offers forensic service in a timely manner to support the investigation process and increase public safety. Our comprehensive scope of compounds includes the latest novel psychoactive substances (NPS) and is continually updated to match current drug trends.

Our services include –
Drug Identification
Blood Alcohol Testing
DUID (blood drug testing)
Supporting Testimony