Spanning from Frequently Requested to Rare Tests

The Crime Labs of NMS Labs offer an expansive test catalog of analytical testing services that can help achieve backlog reductions with efficient and accurate results. To find the test you need, enter your search terms specific to analyte type, drug name, drug class, or drug type.

You can select from our extensive test catalogue or contact NMS Labs to discuss your specialized testing needs. We are constantly developing new cutting-edge tests that are at the forefront of drug trends and methods for forensic biology and DNA testing.

Some of the most frequently ordered tests at NMS Labs include:

To begin an engagement with NMS Crime Labs, or submit a sample for testing, call 1-866-522-2216 or contact us at Or search our test catalog to find exactly what you need for your case.

You can also visit the NMS novel psychoactive substances (NPS) page to view the positivity trends on drug usage.

NMS Crime Labs Fight Deadly Designer Opioids

NMS Labs has been actively involved with law enforcement in states across the country to identify and track deaths associated with the use of deadly “designer” synthetic opioid drugs. This includes overdose deaths linked to U-47700 and furanyl fentanyl, which have occurred in 31 states to date. Today, NMS is developing new tests to screen for emerging designer opioids to increase legal awareness and help prevent unnecessary deaths related to recreational drug use.

[SOURCE: Kamp J, Campo-Flores A. This is U-47700, Once a Lab Experiment, Now a Killer Opioid, Wall Street Journal, November 4, 2016.]

NMS Labs: When you need to know. ™

NMS Labs is a leading toxicology, forensic science, and clinical laboratory providing testing services to attorneys, the criminal justice system, clinical reference labs, pharmaceutical and consumer products companies, and governmental agencies including the CDC, FDA and DOJ. As part of our services, NMS Labs’ professionals consult with customers to interpret laboratory testing, resolve client-specific questions, and provide expert witness testimony and support for both civil and criminal judicial proceedings. Our mission is to provide essential testing services with quality service, accuracy and reliability to a worldwide market.

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