Supporting Your Projects with Scientific Excellence

At NMS Labs, we can fully support your development projects with a broad base of technologies and expertise, providing a customized service model for your needs. Our Development Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Pharmaceutical (large and small molecule), Medical Device, Combination Products, and Consumer Products
  • Product Characterization and Proof-of-Concept Testing
  • Test Method Development and Validation
  • Method Transfer
  • Stability Testing (Accelerated and Real-Time)
  • Quality Assurance / Control Testing
  • Compendia Testing includes USP/NF, EP, BP, JP, ISO, AAMI, ASTM
  • API, Raw Materials, Botanical Testing
  • Residual Solvents and Cleaning Validation
  • Elemental Analysis

Our scientific staff can work directly within your teams to develop the best customized solution for you and your company, including on-site support, if needed

NMS Labs delivers a multidisciplinary team of exceptional scientists and capabilities, dedication to integrity-based outcomes, and a commitment to ensure our clients are getting the best services.

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