Expert Services

NMS Labs Expert Services

Beyond the broad scope of testing that NMS Labs is known for, the supplemental services provided by industry-leading experts make NMS Labs the partner you can trust for quality, accuracy, and dedicated support to help you achieve your goals.


Pre-trial Services

Before the trial begins, the NMS Labs Expert Services team can prepare required documents, provide testimony options, and schedule testimony.

Affidavit Certified Report
Affidavit/Certified Report
Litigation Packet
Litigation Packet
Pre-trial Interview/Deposition
Pre-trial Interview/Deposition
Schedule Testimony
Schedule Testimony

Expert Witness Testimony

From initial test interpretation to full-service, in-person testimony at trial, the expert team of toxicologists and chemists at NMS Labs is here to help you.

Experienced Toxicologists
>80% of toxicologists are board-certified by the ABFT
toxicologists have PhDs
50% of toxicologists have PhDs
Numerous presentations at national conferences
Numerous peer-reviewed publications and presentations at national conferences
full-time toxicologists on staff available for consult
>60 full-time toxicologists and drug chemists on staff available for consult

Which Testimony Option Is Right for You?

Every case has specific requirements for testimony. NMS Labs offers four methods to deliver expert witness testimony to provide the desired flexibility to meet your needs.

Which Testimony Option Is Right for You?


  • YourTox is a service where the samples are sent to NMS Labs for analysis.
  • After the analysis is completed, the data is sent to your local toxicologist for interpretation.
  • If required, your local toxicologist would then be able to testify.

Contact us to learn about how we can help

NMS Labs offers a comprehensive menu of forensic toxicology laboratory tests to support your forensic testing and clinical drug monitoring programs associated with postmortem toxicology.

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